Best Beauty Products for Travel

With summer comes travel and with travel comes the challenges of fitting everything you need to bring on your trip into one piece of luggage. Good luck!

One piece of advice I was given a long time ago still holds true for me, “pack less and bring more money”.  Well, sometimes this is easier said than done.  So, if you still need a little assistance in squeezing in just that “one little extra thing” here are a few suggestions of small beauty items that can easily be tucked away in your luggage without taking up too much of that precious space.   And remember, you need some extra room too for all those souvenirs you will be bringing home.

1.  L’Occitane Hand Cream with Shea Butter – 50 ml  or the Trio, which includes one each of Almond, Shea or Cherry Blossom.

This is such a luxurious and rich hand cream that will help moisturize the driest hands out there.  It is also the perfect size to fit easily in a purse when you are out walking around site-seeing.

2. Clinique Dramatically Different Face Cream - 15 ml

What I like about this face cream is that is light enough to wear under make-up during the day but also doubles as a night cream, if you don't want to pack one night cream and one day cream.  It is available in this very handly 15 ml size that takes up little space. 

3. Crystal Body Deodorant Travel Stick - 40 gr/1.5 oz

Most people don't really give much attention to the deodorant they pack on a holiday.  This is a mistake!  If you don't have a good deodorant, you will certainly scare the locals away.  This travel stick version is great because it comes in a solid form and all you need to do is wet it with a bit of water and apply.  No mess, no smell.  I also like this deodorant because is fragrance-free so it will not affect the perfume you are wearing. 

4. Darphin Mini Oil Set - set of 4 x 4 ml, includes Jasmine Aromatic Care (4ml), 8-Flower Nectar (4ml), Chamomile Aromatic Care (4ml), Tangerine Aromatic Care (4ml)

Now, I do need to mention this is not a necessity but definitely a well-deserved luxury to pack in your suitcase.  This mini essential oil elixir set deliveries just the extra hydration you need at the end of the day.  A very small amount goes such a long way to make your skin feel smooth and moisturized.  I like to apply in the evening before bed and add just a touch of light face cream.

5. Ma Blonde 2 ml sample vial

You just simply cannot go on a holiday without packing some perfume!  You can easily sneak a few 2 ml samples of Ma Blonde in your bag - no problem!  And remember, by wearing perfume on your travels, you are creating those memories that you can forever carry with you long after the trip is over.  The memory of scent is powerful.

Bon voyage!