Scented Morning Routine in 5 Steps either love them or hate them.  I especially love my mornings when there is no rush to get out the door quickly and I can languish in all the scents that surround me during my morning routine.  Whether you wake up easily or hit snooze 20 times, here are five ways you can use the power of scent to be the best version of yourself anytime of day:

1. The smell of coffee

Of course, the day cannot start without filling my nose with the scent of freshly-brewed coffee.  Need I say more.

2. Butter & a freshly-baked baguette

Now, I should be clear that I do not have this wonderful combination every morning but...who cannot resist the smell (and taste) of butter melted onto a baguette that has just come out of the oven.  

3. Fresh ocean air

I am very lucky to be living near the ocean.  When I step out onto the balcony with my coffee in hand, I catch of whiff of the salty ocean air.  Sometimes this breeze can be very heavy and dense and almost overpowering, while other times it is light and gentle.  

4. My favourite rose-infused cleaning oil

One of my favourite products that I use to clean and brighten the skin is Derma-E Essentials Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil.  With its luxurious rose petal scent, it is the perfect way to pamper yourself and remove impurities from your face.

5. Perfume

Life without perfume is no life at all (at least, that's my motto).  I cannot leave the house without applying my fragrance, which is often 3 (or four or five!) sprays of Ma Blonde Eau de Parfum.  I like to carry the 2 ml sample in my purse as well to apply throughout the day. It's the perfect scented addition to any outfit to make me feel like the most confident version of myself.