Top 4 Christmas Gifts for Perfumistas and Fragrance Friends

There is always that someone in the group of family and friends who is almost impossible to buy for, especially when they are also a self-proclaimed Perfumista!  Have no fear, I have some simple solutions that will make your Christmas shopping seem (almost) easy.  

1. Samples, Samples, Samples

 Now, when it comes to buying gifts for fragrance fanatics, I suggest you avoid buying a full bottle of fragrance unless you know they really want it.  Chances are 1) they already have it 2) they have already smelled it and do not like it or 3) they would have rather been given another perfume.   

Just don't do it.  Instead, if you really want to give them a gift that will make them smile, I recommend purchasing samples directly from niche perfume houses.  Often you can find a discovery set where you are able to sample a number of fragrances from the one brand. Other niche brands offer single sample sizes so there is no full bottle commitment, such as with Ma Blonde Eau de Parfum 2 ml samples.     

2. Books, Books, Books

If you decided to go the sample route and purchase a few samples from various niche fragrance houses, a nice little addition to this is a book all about fragrance.   In my previous scent blog, I wrote a list of some of my favourite perfume books. You do not need to go far to find a great perfume book either at your local bookstore or an online store.  A beautiful book paired with perfume that is a gift for any fragrance lover.    


3. Wine
Wine you ask?  Why would I buy wine for a Perfumista?  Well, I will tell you why. Perfume and wine share many common notes when it comes to describing the smells and aromas.   Floral, green, woody, smoky, citrus, spicy...all these notes are found both in perfume and wine! So pick up a nice little bottle of white, red or even rosé (you could even make sure to get a wine label that matches the perfume sample!) and wrap it up with some small perfume samples tucked in.  Not only does this make one elegant gift but one original gift.  

4. Jewellery

Diamonds and perfume go together like, and perfume.  However, you do not need to break the bank here. You could go for a simple, elegant silver chain and match it with a sample set of perfumes.  Or how about some fun costume jewellery and throw in a mix of perfume samples. The choices are unlimited!

The moral of the story here is...perfume goes with everything.  You do not need to spend a lot of money to make your fragrance friends happy.  Just remember, a splash of perfume paired with some originality shows that you really put some thought into it, and these scented holiday memories are sure to last a long time.