Top 5 Perfume Books

I must admit, I spend almost as much money on perfume books as I do on actual bottles of perfume.  If I am not at the fragrance counter sniffing all the latest creations, you will find me at the local book store, especially the second-hand book stores, as they always have some hidden gems! 
So if you find yourself curious enough to test or expand your knowledge on the art and science of fragrance, I would have to recommend this list of some of my favourite books that I've found on my scented book journey:

This book covers everything from the history of perfume, to breaking down the perfume categories in such a clear and concise way, to going through the decades of the iconic and classic perfumes.  The pictures are not only beautiful but it will take you to the next level of understanding perfume. It is a must to build your fragrance knowledge.   

I found a copy of this book hidden away on a dusty shelf in an antique store in New York.  What a find it was! It makes for a great coffee table book but I preferred reading through this page by page absorbing everything I could.  It covers the history of perfume, perfume bottles over the ages, and even perfumed gloves. It gets really good in Part II where you can read interviews with famous Master Perfumers, Edmond Roudnitska, Marcel Carles and the Jean Carles himself.   Jean Carles also offers a beginners introduction to perfumery with some basic perfume formulas to start the training. I suggest you start the book hunt now.  

You could almost classify this one as a history book going back over the 19th century and looking at the events that took place in our wold and the perfumes that were worn in those times.  You will journey from the flappers of the 1920's and Chanel No. 5 to Madonna and Jane Fonda with Poison and Giorgio Beverly Hills in the 1980's. Definitely worth the trip down memory lane.

I really love how this book creates  a mood board, or what they call "perfume portraits", using images of different items to identify the different fragrance groups.  For example, by looking at the group of images with white chocolate, cotton candy, macaroons and fur, you immediately identify with the feeling of warm and  comforting yet sexy. The images are creating the emotion to equate with the smell.  
Don't miss out on their "Top 100 perfumes to try before you die"!  

This book was released earlier this year and I must say that Mr. Chapman has the most vivid imagination when explaining perfume.  You will be led through the different fragrance categories, which are arranged in a slightly different manner from the "traditional" fragrance categories.  Under each category is listed a group of fragrances described in such detail and with such enthusiasm that you can almost smell the perfume right from the pages.  If you want a good laugh, this book is for you. Mr. Chapman has such a good sense of humour with his fragrant descriptions it will be hard to put the book down.  
Now that the crisp fall air is upon us, I've really been enjoying curling up with a hot cup of coffee and some of my favourite fragrance books to inspire me to rediscover some of the best scents for the season. There's something about this time of year that heightens my senses for all things fall, including some of the warm amber and leather base notes in Ma Blonde Eau de  Parfum. What are some of your favourite fall-scented memories?