Top 6 Perfume Blogs

Floral, Gourmand, Chypre, Fruit....and the list goes on.  With so many perfume options out there and so many decisions to make, sometimes it can be really difficult to navigate through the world of fragrance. This is especially true when you notice a new perfume online and your nose hasn't been able to experience it yet.

Fear not though as there are some good people out there who have so generously taken on the responsibility of sharing their knowledge, tips and expertise with us, so you can make informed decisions while shopping for the latest addition to your scent wardrobe either online or IRL. Here are some fantastic resources to go to when you are dizzy and delirious with all the beautiful and confusing fragrance options out there.

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover - YouTube

The BFL is a fantastic way of keeping up with what's out there in the world of fragrance.  His YouTube videos deliver compact stories and concise descriptions of his fragrance choices. Not to be missed. Check out his review of Ma Blonde Eau de Parfum here. - Blogger

Stephan scours the world looking for the newest niche fragrance and brings it back to you. On his blog, you will find very detailed descriptions of the fragrances he chooses, as well as in-depth stories about the perfume brands.  He makes you really understand the perfume and the story behind it. Check out his detailed review of Ma Blonde Eau de Parfum here.

The Perfume Chronicles
- Blogger

The Perfume Chronicles takes you away to a fragrant land beyond.  Here, not only will you find the most poetic and thought-provoking fragrance reviews, but you will also be able to delve deep into the history and meaning behind some of the world's most precious raw materials.  A truly fascinating adventure.

Tiff Benson - YouTube / Blogger

Based in New York City, Tiff works tirelessly to indulge us with her trusted fragrance reviews and fragrance favourites on both her website and YouTube channel.  Her website has lists for "Top 10 fragrances" for both women and men.  As well, she has created The Fragrance Society, where you can subscribe and be a part of the fragrance community.  This is where you will find the "fragrance of the month", giveaways, exclusive events, and more!

EAUMG - Blog 

Eau-M-G! What a delicious fragrance and beauty blog! What I really like about this blog is that Victoria is very honest and straight-forward with her perfume reviews. With an extensive list of detailed reviews, the descriptions are so crystal clear that you can almost smell the fragrance in the words. A good resource.

Bois de Jasmin -  Blog

This site is truly beautiful to read with an in-depth section on Perfume Notes and Fragrance Vocabulary.  Not only does Victoria offer reviews on perfume, but dedicates sections to books, art, travel, cuisine and history.  Truly a sublime read.


Who are your top scented bloggers/influencers?