Top Tips for Improving Your Sense of Smell

Top Tips for Improving Your Sense of Smell

We are well into the new decade and with that, how are your New Year's resolutions coming along? They say that by the end of January or February, most people have already given up with their promises for new change. Well, do not worry, there is hope! I suggest making your promises to yourself in small doses. Rather than taking on the big promises and putting more pressure on yourself, why don't you make your resolution something more uplifting and fragrant? How about giving that nose of yours a little work out and training?
To build your sense of smell is really quite easy. All you need to do is pay attention to what is around you. Here are my top suggestions on how to improve your nose.

1. Go grocery shopping

Yes, those mundane chores can be turned into a fun game. When you are grocery shopping, head over to the fruits & vegetables area and start smelling. Pick up a banana, a plum, an apple or a grapefruit and take a big whiff. I mean, really think about what you are smelling. By doing this, you are building your "muscle memory".

2. Make dinner

When you are making dinner and are about to add that black pepper, nutmeg or cinnamon, take a step back first and take a really deep sniff of it. How about that glass of wine. Before you take a sip, take a sniff and pick out those individual notes. By being aware of the smells around you, you build that relationship between your nose and your brain.

3. Stop and smell the flowers...literally

We spend too much time in our day running around and not slowing down to really pay attention to the smells around us. Next time you are about to eat something, whether a full meal or a small snack - remember to stop and smell first before having your first bite. There is a reason for the saying, "stop and smell the roses". Not only are you building your sense of smell but you will also feel more rejuvenated and ready for anything!

You don't have to be a trained perfumer to have a good nose. You can start improving your sense of smell right now in your own home by just being aware of and paying attention to the smells surrounding you on a daily basis.
The next time you smell one of your favourite perfumes, such as Ma Blonde Eau de Parfum, you will soon see how many more notes your newly trained nose will pick up!

Written by Candice Rosa