Welcome to Ma Blonde’s Community.

My name is Candice Rosa. I am a life enthusiast and a lover of all things related to wine, food, travel, music, language, beauty, love and, of course, perfume.

Yes, Ma Blonde is a perfume, but I want to share the meaning of it with you. Over the years, I have been inspired by so many beautiful souls and minds, both famous and unknown, women and men, who have taken the world by storm and have found the freedom to be themselves, refusing to hide who they are.

Candice Rosa Ma Blonde community 1

The Ma Blonde Community is a multi-sensory journey dedicated to all of you seeking individuality, freedom, audacity, happiness, boldness and attitude. It is about sharing the amazing experience of being yourself and engaging within an open community.

When you wear Ma Blonde, be reminded to be your true and beautiful self and join the community of people who are bold, embrace who they are, and believe in themselves.

We are all Ma Blonde #weareallmablonde

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